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New plugin ideas

PyroRat18PyroRat18 Owner, SpamBuster
edited October 2016 in Showcase
This will be added hopefully for Christmas time, choose from the list what you want to be able to do:
This would be customized for the server and would come later, I would have to find someone to make one especially:


  • theres a problem with the money if someone haf a friend or makes a dela they cna kill the other for money over and over again
  • Jobs rebon signshop and griefprevention addon realestate too plz
  • SchnakeSchnake Community Admin
    Hmm why in game money system....?

  • PyroRat18PyroRat18 Owner, SpamBuster
    to add shops for players
  • Money better
  • SchnakeSchnake Community Admin
    a second plugin whta we need ist an Login plugin, wo you login and the you maust enter a passwort ( not the minecraft password)

  • we don't need a plugin for login I hate these plugins put in /r name and password I only Agree with this if a player sets up a password not if its your first time in something but something where the player has it do /Login Create PlayerName Password
  • SchnakeSchnake Community Admin
    So mj but other peoples have Problems with sisters/brother therebuse there accounts....
  • mjcharliemjcharlie Member
    edited October 2016
    that's why I was saying that so they could password it so their sis/bros cant get on
  • alexenderman14aalexenderman14a Member, Trial Moderator
    edited October 2016
    why don't there be a question about mineycrafty that pops up when you join and in chat you must answer it until then you are frozen and cannot move / break
  • PyroRat18PyroRat18 Owner, SpamBuster
    unfortunatly thats not in an option in our website setup, i will see if i can sort something out though
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