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Video Game Build Contest! Hosted by Jadey

jadearadecupcakejadearadecupcake Community Admin
edited September 2016 in Build Contest
Hey everyone!
(I can't do an announcement >.>)
But I'm hosting the next contest for some new blood >:) this will be a creative build in plot world based onnnnn VIDEO GAMES!

Do you have a fave video game? Is it minecraft? Well now's your chance to show it off!
Now I understand that it may be a bit confusing so this sign up is going to be different, I want you to put your ign and what video game you're going to be building about, if your favorite video game is minecraft, it's going to be a free build based on your imagination. BUT for games I don't know, I will be looking up reference pictures solely because I have never played or seen it but it will not change my opinion of your build.

I have built an example (which will be the spawn area for the comp) of one of my fave games and that's Doom, I built the Hell Mountain from Doom of my own interpretation.

Each one of you will get 4 plots to start with, if you need more you can ask but you may have to move to a bigger area, I need a headcount to see how many sets of four plots I will need so...SIGN UP NOW :D

I will give you one month, if it seems like people need more time (due to school/work/etc etc) I will give more time.


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