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_xGrim Ban Appeal

GrimGrim Member
edited September 2016 in Ban/Mute Appeal
(*) What's your in game name?

How old are you?

(*) Why were you banned and/or muted on MineyCraftey?
I was banned because my brother snuck onto my account while I was at practice, and threatened to ddos them.

(*) Have you been issued any warnings, mutes or bans previous to this incident on MineyCrafty?
Banned for Griefing

How long have you played Minecraft?
Since 2012

How long have you played on MineyCrafty?
About a year

Do you promise to vote daily, whenever you can?

(*) Why should we allow you to come back?
You should allow me to come back because my brother got me banned. I promise to prevent this from happening in the future by changing my password and possibly getting my brother a new account.

Anything else you want to add?
This whole thing happened because my brothers account was banned when it was owned by my cousin. He was sad that he couldn't play with me and just wanted his account unbanned
Should He Be Allowed Back?
  1. Should my brother be allowed back on the server4 votes
    1. Yes.
    2. No.


  • i thought you were 14
  • GrimGrim Member
    edited September 2016
  • alexenderman14aalexenderman14a Member, Trial Moderator
    so your 14?
  • and you were banned for griefing me in the old world
  • @alexenderman14a 15 now, close to 16
  • This makes no sense last year youre 14 this year turned 15 and now your 16??
  • it was a typo when i said 16
  • i meant 15
  • alexenderman14aalexenderman14a Member, Trial Moderator
    I don't want to sound rude but how do we know that you actually have a brother that hacks and not you just messing around and even so as the rules say your account is your responsibility not your brothers
  • GrimGrim Member
    edited September 2016
  • Listen, Alex. I was at basketball practice and my brother was alone for over an hour. I wouldn't make him sit in his room and play with his action figures for over an hour. I even told him not to log into MineyCrafty. He also just told me he lied about being able to ddos, and him in my friend made up that story. I'm sorry for any trouble he caused but I don't think deserve to be banned. I promise to be more careful with my account and keep a closer eye on him in the future. Again I am sorry for any trouble he caused and I will make sure it doesn't happen again, and I hope you can forgive him and I.
  • I dont understand why my brother got temp banned, and then right before the account was able to get on, The account was perm banned
  • alexenderman14aalexenderman14a Member, Trial Moderator
    I have one more question, how could he hack on your computer? does that mean you have hacking programs on your computer?
  • I'm not sure how he got 2 clients on my account other than download them when I was gone, But the owners decided Im banned, I will make another post.
  • This is a serious offense, ESPECIALLY threatening an owner. As well as now the other two owners know now so you're at their mercy for being unbanned.
  • I know @jadearadecupcake, but you have to trust me, my little brothers friend fell off his bike and I had to pick him up. AND I remembered I was late for basketball practice so I didn't have time to go back to my house and log out, So my little brother got onto my account and did a bunch of horrible and rude things. But he says he's sorry and he's just sad because our cousin got his account (His account used to be our cousin's) banned and he can't play with me. He says he's sorry and I apologize too, I should have kept a closer eye on him. Please forgive him, he promises not to do anything like it again. And understand if you don't want to unban me because I understand it was a violation of the rules and I should have simply logged out. Again, we are both sorry and hope you, and the people of MineyCrafty can forgive us.


  • Grim your brother is so terribly sorry but yet he dossed Pyro!!! you know that is extremely rude and she is stuck and cant come on if your brother was that sorry he would NOT have done that!!!!!!!
  • Sorry, Its grim. I cant seem to log in with my new profile. And my brother never ddosed pyro, he lied about being able to ddos. It must just be some strange coincidence that pyro's wifi is down.
  • SchnakeSchnake Community Admin
    I mean DDOS-threat is to be a fundamental and permanent ban to stay
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