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Goobye's from Trumoo15

Trumoo15Trumoo15 Member
edited October 2016 in General Discussion
As many of you know, I've been working on the server for a while, cooper invited me. But now it's time to say my goodbye. I've had fun working with the server but now that schools is back I don't have much time to work on the server. I will be on the server as much as I can be. Other then that I won't be working on the server or anything server related to Mineycrafty. I will help if really needed.

It was a great time Mineycrafty.

- Trumoo15


  • SchnakeSchnake Community Admin
    Thanks Trumoo15, i think we all miss you.
    But you are welcome..
  • Moo, you will be gravely missed!! You kept the server together many times and I just hope that we can cope without you! However, I do understand and school is very important. Please keep in touch and I truly do hope to see you on the server from time to time. <3
  • VneExceededVneExceeded Administrator, SpamBuster
    Sorry to see you go Tru, Can definitely understand about life priorities. Hope to see you on sometime and thanks for your work on the server!
  • alexenderman14aalexenderman14a Member, Trial Moderator
    Bye tru we will all miss you
  • Bye Tru! The server won't be the same without you :(
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