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Helpful me being me

So I have been muting people for 5 minutes and I have to say that DAMN why so many people trying to get muted for spam or cussing constantly like really? I mean I hate doing it but I need too and then I see forums posts that say retarded guy banned me for stealing WELL guess what its my job to ban you for stealing I didn't ban him I tempbanned him but if you think making a post about me banning you is going to help? well think again its gonna make it alot worse than you think. I am so tired of this like I see _Emily hacking and well I give him some chances but then I ban him because he wont stop and don't worry i'm not giving up my job but i'm tired of this. Also if you guys need help just ask me I will be on the server in a flash don't be shy to msg me on forums its how I do my job.

-helpful Wolf


  • Also no need to resign me i'm just speaking out the troubles of the people who I mute or ban i am just suprised that many people do this.
  • Snowballz_Snowballz_ Administrator
    You banned Emily?
    Do you have proof she was hacking?
    Did you give a warning first?
    Isaac won't be happy you're banning his donators.
  • WolfGam3rMCWolfGam3rMC Member
    edited August 2015
    No hes not banned atm and it was long ago xD before she donated
  • and yes i gave warnings
  • WolfGam3rMC _Emily was not hacking... If you still believe he was then show me proof if you have any. Thanks -Kadenkkjones
  • And if you know she is banning... do what it says on the forums for anybody that you think is banning.
  • #its2016
  • PyroRat18PyroRat18 Owner, SpamBuster
    @WolfGam3rMC im the new owner of ththe server with 2 others and isacc isn't in the picture any more please don't swear or use that foul language thank you.
  • VneExceededVneExceeded Administrator, SpamBuster
    edited March 2016
    Pyro MJ Necroed a post from 1 year ago. It's an old post

    And MJ. Please check the date of posts before you post on them. There was no need to comment on this.
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