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7/7/16 DaDerpKnight Ban Appeal

DaDerpKnightDaDerpKnight Member
edited July 2016 in Ban/Mute Appeal

(*) denotes important information - please pay special attention to these.

(*) What's your in game name?

How old are you? - 13 years

(*) Why were you banned and/or muted on MineyCrafty? - for building an afk machine (but I swear I didn't do it, my account might have been used)

(*) Have you been issued any warnings, mutes or bans previous to this incident on MineyCrafty? - Yes, I have been kicked and I was issued a warning by admin VneExceeded. I felt guilty and swore never to build one again.

How long have you played Minecraft? - Since the 25th of March 2015

How long have you played on MineyCrafty? - Probably 8-9 months, not sure of the date.

Do you promise to vote daily, whenever you can? - Yes.

(*) Why should we allow you to come back?
I promise I did not do this and my account might have been used. I had built an afk machine before but I destroyed it and swore never to build one again, as I said before. It was built next to my previous iron farm but I had ditched that farm because it was inefficient and I was building a bigger iron farm which was 95% complete next to my home so I didn't have to wait for iron.
Anything else you want to add?
Honestly, I did not do this and I am innocent. Please understand my situation and that I, myself, am confused. I request you to try and help me.
-Durpy (the real one)


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