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Elytra Center [Coming Soon]

mjcharliemjcharlie Member
edited June 2016 in Showcase
what is this elytra center I'm making is it a place where you can rent elytras then use them at a park? or is it a center where you get your elytra on and glyed around well its a place where you can look on this list of items you need then give them to me then later on you will get elytra from me like the next day now the Elytra Center is coming out soon or probly nerver but there is a 87% chance of me making it so be on the look out on the forums if you want to get a elytra then there will be a list soon for elytra making at the elytra center all you do is give me the things that were on the list and you will get a elytra <3
  1. Elytra Center Ideas Post more on the comments Too8 votes
    1. #MakeElytraCenter with a Elytra Cannon
    2. #MakeElytraCenterTheSameWayItssupportToGoButWithoutACannon


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