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Someone put a chest claim right in next to my claim border... of the players was next to my claim earlier and put a chest down..perhaps unknowingly placed a tiny claim right next to my claim border...and right in the path of my plans to build. I cannot expand nor build in this tiny 3x3 area. I do not know when the next time he/she will be one to abandon this tiny area. Is there someone who can override this so i can keep building what i had planned?


  • Snowballz_Snowballz_ Administrator
    Nope, sorry,
    That's a downside of this plugin, people can place a claim wherever they want, even in your way.
    You could try:
    A) Ask the player "nicely" to remove the chest or unclaim the land so you can build.
    B) If they're inactive for 14 days or more the claim will be removed automatically.
    C) Move house to another location.
  • well here we go again
    RuKlo put a claim right in the middle of my town..a part that was not claimed yet, again another halt to my project. If anyone sees him on please have him remove it asap so i can continue with my building plans
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