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------THE IRON SHOP------

DaDerpKnightDaDerpKnight Member
edited May 2016 in Showcase
Hey guys!
My iron farm is no longer for everyone due to... well.. trust issues, so I made an Iron Farm called...... *drum roll*
Ironic! (get it?)
So I will be selling 5 iron blocks for 1 diamond
That's 45 iron... pretty reasonable price, huh?
The store uses redstone to trade for it, so no griefing.

The Co-ords are
XYZ: 320/100/-1040

See you guys at the shop!


  • I cant find it
  • I showed it to you
  • mjcharliemjcharlie Member
    edited May 2016
    I forgot to set a home
  • Dude the co-ords are there just look for it
  • I said I cant find it
  • i went in F3 and looked and it said its under me and i looked down and nothing is there
  • well it doesn't work when I place a diamond in it doesn't work it doesn't open the door all it does is place iron in the chest!
  • well tonight i made a iron farm it works its just not well i guess but I'm thinking of making another one
  • Dude, throw the diamond in the hopper and it will lead to a room with iron in a chest. Simple as that.
  • Daderp you don't understand when you place the diamond in the hopper it doesn't open the
    Door ask steambeelte
  • Sorry mj, the problem is fixed
    next time you see me, come get the iron
  • mjcharliemjcharlie Member
    edited May 2016
    what the freaking heck I just used it and it still doesn't work I used 1 diamond right when you get off I go to the shop and it doesn't work :( Redstone broken
  • Someone is messing with the hoppers. Last time I checked someone took out some diamonds.
    I'll check
  • MJ! The Iron shop is working perfectly!?!
  • gimme my diamond back or gimme the 5 iron blocks plz
    edited May 2016
    it doesnt work
  • see Derp Terror says it doesn't work too
    edited May 2016
    derp go to the part where you get the iron when you come on
  • I'll check.... and you'll get back your diamonds
  • I figured out the problem. No more problems, guys, get your diamonds back when you see me next
    Or get the iron blocks, idk
  • i took 15 iron blocks from the shop i put in two diamonds and mj put in one
  • ok cool
  • I put in one more to see if it would go to the chest
  • it works
  • I'm talking about last night
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