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Story time!

jadearadecupcakejadearadecupcake Community Admin
edited May 2016 in Showcase

Good versus Evil, will one ever win over the other? Anna had asked herself this many times as she had made decisions over her this a good decision or a bad one? Well now she really had to ask herself that as she stood looking at both her good self and her bad self. One couldn't possibly win over the other....right? There is no good without evil and no evil without good, but can one overpower the other? Anna's evil side started overpowering her good side and she started to worry, but as all hope was lost the good side fought back, but sadly it wasn't enough. That is until one great decision came up and pushed evil back into it's place and stood triumphantly. Good returned to it's place in her mind as evil tried to get out with no avail. Good won over evil this time...but what about the next?

To be continued....?


  • jadearadecupcakejadearadecupcake Community Admin
    This is a new thing I am starting, it's going to be "Story Time" based on peoples builds, anyone can post their own stories. This was my own build, but in the future if I use other peoples builds I will put a disclaimer to whose build it is.
  • VneExceededVneExceeded Administrator, SpamBuster
    nice work jade!
  • PyroRat18PyroRat18 Owner, SpamBuster
    loveit jadey
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