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AFK Mechanics

DaDerpKnightDaDerpKnight Member
edited April 2016 in Community Help Forum
So I know AFK machines are not allowed and there is a 10 min disconnection thing, but for my iron farm to work fully, someone needs to wait there for the iron gole s to spawn and get burnt. The farm is fully automatic but the chunks keep unloading from that area, which means the golems don't spawn. Now this means that it cuts down the average oron collection rate of 60 iron per hour to a measly 10 iron, as you get kicked. Now I can't keep moving my mouse overnight, because that is my goal, so the only way for it to work properly now is to have the chunks to keep loading in that area. This is a community build and everyone can take iron from there, so pleeeeease admins, make it so that the chunks load there.


  • mjcharliemjcharlie Member
    edited April 2016
    Well you could place a IOS or Some Device Charger or something on the Jump Key I don't know if that's a Allowed
  • AFK machines are not allowed because the longer you are on the server, the more claim blocks you get, that wouls be clearly cheating.
  • mjcharliemjcharlie Member
    edited April 2016
    well back when this Plugin wasn't a thing you used Sponges And on Servers they didn't have claim plugins like we have now a days they had a plugin where Everyone day you could do /kit Protect and you would get a Sponge and placed it and you had like a limt of 100 blocks and you could change how Much you wanted the place to be claimed and then someone made the Claim Plugin so a lot of servers stopped using the Sponge Claim plugin and I'm pretty sure they Removed it From Dev bucket but you can Get it on spigot I'm pretty sure only on Spigot i mean as in like You could change how long the 100 blocks could be as in like 20 blocks claimed on this side and 20 blocks claim on this side and so on and so 4th Sorry the post is so Long
  • PyroRat18PyroRat18 Owner, SpamBuster
    no afk machines sorry
  • Anyways you should Be making builds a lot in that place than more glomes spawn
  • We have got the world's top cryptologists trying to figure out what you just said :O
    Btw the golems should be in a place where someone online lives.
  • Wait Will Npcs? Work
  • jadearadecupcakejadearadecupcake Community Admin
    No they wont.
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