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The Iron Farm!

Sup people! It's me again!
I have managed to make a fully automatic VERY efficient iron farm in the middle of an extreme hills biome. I can't share the screenshots, because.. I'm lazy but here are the co-ords!
X: 80
Y: 80
Z: 123

It is free for use for all the members of the server ONLY if you promise not to mess up any of the stuff or touch any of the villagers or hoppers. There will be a hole in the middle of the farm through which the iron goes from the water stream to the hoppers and then to the double chest from where it will be collected.
Please do not kill the villagers or try to kill the iron golems yourself.



  • O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_OO_O><><><_>< the last time I made a iron farm it didn't work I think I know why
  • SchnakeSchnake Community Admin
    Here an Image, But when teh Golem walk outside its doesnt work....

  • Sometimes the Geloms spawn outside
  • Sometimes they do spawn outside, but it's not that often.
  • I cant find the it with the co-ords cuz when I look at F3 it says XYZ: Numbers / Numbers / numbers And I don't know what Numbers have X or Y or Z
  • XYZ: 80/80/123
    This should appear. The first set of numbers are for X, the second is for Y and the last set is for Z
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