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Hello! My name is Jason Taylor I am age 18+, don't let Cirenmatt deceive you to think I am matt or Matthew, haha get's a lot of people, I am introducing myself since I think I am going to be staying for a while on this server since it's nice calm, and not too crowded

I go to college study, so yeah I won't be on or able to accept messages 24/7, but if you are interested in what I study at college is I am on a "Game Design" course, passed level 2 like 2 years ago, onto my level 3 course which is two years, on my last year which is starting soon.
College schedule will be Tuesday - Friday 7:30am to 6pm so don't expect must replies back, you can reply but i will most likely not reply, but you never know! there is always hope!

Timezone - (UTC+01:00).

Anyway to finish this off i will be leaving my Skype, Steam, Evolve and my League Of Legends (Gold elo) (EUW) usernames
Skype - Cirenmatt
Steam - Cirenmatt
League Of Legends - Cirenmatt
Evolve - xxxlewisxxx11

Overall a small note for anything I write on the forum in future or you see I type in game, I struggle with sentences, I will occasionally misspell a word, but most of all I will most likely have horrible sentences :P so no need to judge, just a little pre-warning so don't need to be a grammar Nazi <.<

Also on top of everything else, I am British xD


  • You could have said:

    Hi, I'm Jason, I'm ** and study game design, this means I have a pretty hectic work schedule. I apologize in advance to anyone who may not get my reply, rest assured, I try my very best to read all your messages.

    To increase your chances of dealing with me personally, I have included some other relevant information below:

    Country of Origin: Britain
    Timezone: UTC+1
    Times I'm at school: Tues-Fri 0730-1800
    Skype: Cirenmatt
    Steam: Cirenmatt
    LoL: Cirenmatt
    Evolve: xxxlewisxxx11

    Kind regards,


  • Well that seem's too short if you ask me :P But this is ages ago and It will stay like it but thanks anyway xD
  • Good luck with your courses Jason/Matt/Ninja or just Hey Admin!
  • Ello XD
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