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Ban due to impersonating a staff member

joelw02joelw02 Member
edited April 2016 in Ban/Mute Appeal
So You Have Chose To Ban Me With the state meant of when a Donator Is To be Warned. The was No Formal Warning And There is therefore reason to Revoke The Ban Before I Go To Legal action to have all purchases Returned and withdrawn Va Paypal legal action As You have broke the Terms And Conditions. Hope To Hear From You Soon :)


  • @joelw02

    Impersonating a staff member is a serious offence. This is not simply swearing on the server or disrespecting a staff member. No warning is needed. The account in question will be banned until a name change can be made. As well, your account for neon_kangarooo will be banned for 5 days as a direct punishment to you who is the account holder for both.

    As a server owner yourself, as well as being a mature adult, not to mention a previous staff member on our server, you are FULLY aware of our server rules. A warning is not needed for someone who knows exactly what they are doing and this impersonation was a very poor decision on your part. I am very disappointed. When I heard that you had joined the server again, I was hoping that you would become a valuable part of the server again, as you were in the past. I even personally took my time to move your build over into the new world in the hopes of this.

    There is also the matter of sharing accounts. You are also fully aware of the rules pertaining to sharing accounts. Regardless of whether it was another person who made the decision to impersonate a staff member, the responsibility and consequence still falls on your shoulders.

    As for your donator rank. Yes we are more lenient on donators, but given the above reasons, warning a person of your knowledge would contradict the purpose of a warning. Warnings are for the sole purpose of providing the necessary information of server rules to the offender so that they are fully informed and will refrain from doing it again. Donators are not exempt from the rules as other donators who have been banned will attest to. There is no legal action to be taken on your part given these circumstances, as well as the fact that your rank was purchased from the previous owner of this server.

    Joel, I do want you as a valued player on our server and it is my hope that you serve this ban, learn from it and move on.

    Best regards,
  • G4ME as much as i respect the staff and everyone on the server i have not sharing the other account. the account was give to my home schooled Friend. An Offence of impersonation Yet Still needs to be served to the player. i will have you know that {Elisa} will change her gamer tag when she can as i do not have the emails password or the profiles password. She was also at my house that day hence the reason she came on, realizing the name I asked her to leave. If you would have known me as well as you do i would simply steal and account that was staff not merely create one, because it has no permissions for staff. but do as you plead i was building my mansion during the time of her joining. As For the name I don''t have a clue when i gave her the account it was Still "God Smite" Thank you for delaying my project build for no reason of mine.
  • @ joelw02

    I do apologize for the inconvenience that this ban imposes on your mansion build. It is truly a misfortune. Unfortunately as a server, we look at the facts when considering a ban. In this case the God smite account was a known alt of yours, and at the time of this offence both accounts were logged in using your ip.

    If this friend (Elise) of yours would like to post a formal confession that she in fact was the one who created the impersonation, as well as an apology to Jade. We may consider unbanning your account.

    Best regards
  • Joel, Either wait your Ban time, or I will personally remove all your claims and buildings, There is no need for all this drama, End of story. Or I will go as far as banning you from this website until your Server ban is lifted.
  • joelw02joelw02 Member
    Have I Not Waited My Time?
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