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Sky's Important Update

Hello there! I know you may be wondering who I am, but many of you may already know me. My name is Sky or Ign; SkyDaGuy. I have much difficulty keeping up to date with the server in the Winter season on this luxurious game; MineCraft. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you! I live in a beautiful state named Wisconsin. Here in Wisconsin it gets really cold and that makes it difficult to get on my computer. Why don't you just crank up the heat? I have one room dedicated for my computer and computer related accessories, and this room is made of sliding glass doors. The glass obtains the cold and phases it into the room; thus making it almost the same temperature as outside. I have tried using a heater in the room however whenever I attempt to, 5 minutes later the outlet it's plugged into pops and shorts it's fuse. This makes it even harder for me; considering I wish to become a part of mineycraftys fine staff. But... This is not the case anymore because it is getting warmer in my good ol state. I should be able to come onto minecrafty at least once per week. With all that said, I hope to see your beautiful face, yes you, reader, on the fabulous server. Thanks for reading and understanding why I cannot maintain a regular gaming schedule. :) -Sky signing off


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