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for owners/admin TO NO

mjcharliemjcharlie Member
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(*) What's your in game name? mjcharlie

How old are you? 10

(*) Why were you banned and/or muted on MineyCraftey? I get muted I sayed a guys steal my stuff and name I was banned griefed,

(*) Have you been issued any warnings, mutes or bans previous to this incident on MineyCrafty?

How long have you played Minecraft? how long I played minecraft 3 or 4 years + my bann ends 1/28/2016

How long have you played on MineyCrafty? how long I played mineycrafty 10/??/2015

Do you promise to vote daily, whenever you can? I do vote but I do forget sometimes

(*) Why should we allow you to come back? I sayed I wood help for 2 days on here


  • Hi @mjcharlie - I understand that you would like to help for a few days to make up for the grief. Unfortunately we are very clear about our rules on the server and you have already been banned once previously. We need to protect other players on the server and stealing or griefing, no matter how small is not tolerated. Remember that if someone else built it, then it is theirs and you cannot touch it unless you have been given direct permission from the player.

    Please take this time to review the rules.

    We really enjoy having you on the server. :) Just remember that if someone did it to you, then you would want staff to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

    See you soon, and Kyle says he will miss you while you are gone. :)
  • what??? I was bannedin 2015
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