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if you account says you have a demo

hey guys a few of you have had this problem and this should help:

Have owned Minecraft for a while:

Scenario: You have an old Minecraft account that was never migrated to a Mojang account.
Solution: Log in with your username, or log into to migrate your old account into your empty Mojang account.

Scenario: You have an old Minecraft account and used to log in with your username. You have not migrated to a Mojang account. Now tells you to log in with your email.
Solution: If someone else has obtained the password to a Minecraft account, they may have migrated it to their own email. If you suspect this is the case, please contact customer support.

Scenario: You've been logging in with email address as normal, but now can only access the demo mode.
Solution: Has the account been refunded? If so, an email would have been sent to the registered email address, and you can visit to re-purchase. Are you logging in with the correct email address? You may have registered more than one Mojang account, so try another email address that you own. It's also possible that the email address on the account has changed, and a new Mojang account was registered with the same email. If you believe that is the case, contact customer support.

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