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* Staff Muting/Banning guidelines *

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Muting Players
/mute [user] [(amount)m/d] - mutes the player for the time allocated.

Muting can be used at a staff members will, If the staff member believes that a person is being disruptive in chat, you should first give them a warning, tell them that they are being disruptive, and if they do not stop they will be issued with a mute.

Being disruptive in chat - 5 minutes up to 1 hour.
Excessive swearing - 1 hour.
Spamming - 1 hour.
Racism - 24 hours.
Bullying another player - 24 hours.

As a Moderator the commands you issue are up to you, you decide the limit, these are simply guidelines, although please do not be excessive.

Banning Players

/banip [user] [reason] - Bans the player from the server and documents the reason.
/banip [user] [reason] - Bans the player from the server and all other accounts they posses (last resort)
/pardon- allows the player to come back
/unban [user] - Unbans a player
/tempban [user] [(amount)d] [Reason]- Temporarily bans a user from the server
/tempbanip[user] [(amount)][Reason] -Temporarily bans a user's ip from the server (all other accounts)

Instant Bans!
Spam/advertising users (Log in and spam an IP)
New players who:
Repeatedly disrupt chat in any unreasonable manner.
Advertise for another server.
Vouch for a friend to be unbanned/unmuted.
Prohibited mod/hack users (Fly mod, Xray mod, Speed Hack, Nodus, etc.)
An alternate account confirmed by matching IP addresses that is logged in while the other connected account is currently banned or jailed.
Note: Unless proved that two or more users play from the same household/ip address.
Players who claim to be server reviewers and ask for OP. Have fun with these guys.
Major griefing with any previous global bans for griefing.

Temporary Bans!
If someone is spamming log-ins and log-outs, temp ban them for 1 day with the reason: Multiple Logins.

Banning Donators
Donators will be dealt with more leniently and given a “second chance” as they pay for the server’s upkeep. Try to reason with them first before issuing a ban.


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