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fresh meat

Hi everyone, heard about the place from VNE.

Moderate builder, habit of terraforming.

bio stuff...
46 (oldest?) male from the wet cost of BC, Canada. Same shift work as VNE so can be found online at almost any time of day, or day of the week.
Skype lazerus.long tho it's almost never loaded.


  • Welcome! Glad to have another more "experienced" player. Even if you are the oldest, no worries, everyone on the server has been very welcoming. See you there!! :)
  • VneExceededVneExceeded Administrator, SpamBuster
    edited November 2015
    When he says terraforming....... He's. ... He's serious. It's like a bad habit. Compulsive even....
  • Vne, have you seen my terraformed stuff? He'll fit right in :)
  • LazerusLazerus Member, Owner
    As my kid now uses my WetCoast acct. I made a new one with the correct name...
  • Welcome WetCoast glad to see you here! (:
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