Please use the Discord Server Forums, as this Website is being edited. You can still use the shop, join the forums and brows staff appeals, posts etc, as every thing is till working, however it is not checked as much as discord and other means of contact.


Hello, this is calebdigs here, i have been on the server for a while but recently i quit and stopped playing about 6 months ago. Can anyone fill me in on whats happened?


  • mjcharliemjcharlie Member
    edited April 17
    server reset forums broken people still using it which I don't think the admins care slimefun is gone so I don't have to be annoyed by people who say I use slimefun on everything new custom terrain discord more I think my brain is about to explode in 10 secs and yes I was saying this in my head really fast
  • PyroRat18PyroRat18 Owner, SpamBuster
    we do care about the forums they are just being redone, along with a new website. THis is why we are now using discord more
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