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DaDerpKnight's Staff Application.

What's your IGN? (In Game name): DaDerpKnight

(*) Age: 14

Location: Kolkata, India

Language(s): English, Hindi, Urdu and to some extent, French.

Time-zone: +5:30 GMT

(*) Do you have Skype? Yes. (DaDerpKnight)
What times are you most active?:
Pretty much all the time on weekends; weekday afternoons. (+5:30 GMT.)

(*) Why do you want to become a staff member on MineyCrafty?:
I'd love to be a helper because.. well, I love to help. Times on Mineycrafty have been amazing for me and I want to make other people's experience here on Mineycrafty memorable. I love to build structures and redstone circuits and if someone requires help, I am more than welcome to lend a helping hand to them. Knowing that I'll be always there to help any member in need would be a proud and exuberant experience for me.

Previous experiences as a Staff member?
(This must be proved via screenshots of your rank on another server, or a reference from another player from your previous server): Nope.

How long have you played Minecraft?: 2 and a half years

(*) How long have you played on MineyCrafty?: 1 and a half years.

(*) Has a staff member ever had to take action against you on MineyCrafty?
(Mutes, kicks, bans): Not recently at all, but I was muted once for inappropriate speech.

(*) Do you promise to vote daily, whenever you can?: Definitely. I have been inactive for many months, but now I will vote daily.

(*) Why should we choose you?:
I always try to help the server out in a variety of ways. I shall help the newbies and never make anyone feel different or unequal. I've had experience as a leader and a helper and I'm ready to help every member in need with their Minecraft problems :)

Anything else you want to add:
I had given a full set of god armour to SicilyBoss, helped make Mjcharlie's castle, helped many other newbies, given a home to SuB_Zer0_76 (who I had invited onto the server) and xSosk and gave them diamond armour, given homes to SicilyBoss and Gecko23, given 10 iron blocks to xXRipclawXx and I had made player's faces as tribute for about 15 people in the 1.8 world.
I give iron armour and resources to any newbie who joins the server and help them out while they get started. I made a house for ProsCantKillMe, helped him make his treehouse for the treehouse competition, gave Sanpie1 some ideas for her treehouse and did a bunch of other things to help out the members of the server.

Thank you for your time and co-operation :D


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