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Question about the ranks when donating

If I buy the veteran rank package can I request that instead of being able to change my name can I have the fly feature instead? It will help me on my new project in the game. Thanks!


  • The struggle huh?
  • I think if I did that it might make our existing donators very unhappy/jealous. I know that $75 is a step up from $20, but all profit does get reinvested in server advertising.
  • Yes you are absolutely right Isaac. I personally donate to help the server because running a server can be very costly. The monthly bills add up. Also, if you were to start swapping rank perks, it would set a precedent and everyone would want to. Not to mention the permissions nightmare...
  • However, many donators do start by purchasing the lower ranks and then work their way up. The price you have already paid for a rank will be deducted from the rank prices when you upgrade your rank.
  • I donated and got the [GOD] rank :D it is so awesome I can fly <3
  • yes your right yummy or lucky i have [God]
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