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MineyCraftey in-game rules
If you don't want to read the whole text, just read the bold bits for an idea!

1: No Hacked clients of any kind

On MineyCraftey, we do not tolerate hacked clients.
There are however certain mods we will allow, which can be found here : *link to be added soon sorry lol*
XRay's are also against the rules, don't cheat!

The only exception to this is Optifine. We understand that some people have a hard time being able to run Minecraft without the graphics optimization optifine provides. Please note that this doesn't give you permission to use similar mods, and if you are caught with any other mod you will be banned.

2: No griefing!
On MineyCraftey we do have a protection plugin, but this isn't always adequate for people with large builds, if you see something that isn't protected, please do not grief it, it's not nice for the person who built it, it means more work for the staff to undo the damage, and it's generally a dick-move!

3: No macros of any kind

Anything that allows you to automatically swing your sword or spam a command quicker than normal human reflexes is a major offense. This includes programmable keyboards, rapid-fire keys, or hotkeys.

4: Respect other players
While we do not restrict language fully and will understand a curse word every now and then, do not point those curses at other people. Do not harass other players and keep your rage off of our server.
Do not be abusive, homophobic, sexist or racist.
Do not spam chat, especially with incessant profanity. Part of respecting other players is not filling the chat with obscenities and sexual descriptions.
We have players of all ages, so save your edgy in-jokes for private messages.

If someone is harassing you, cheating, or being salty, do not make the situation worse by responding in kind.
Either use /ignore, or report it. Raging in chat with profanities and being generally salty is not acceptable behavior on our server, even if you didn't start it. If you know you have a problem with raging at people, please do us all a favor and just disable chat while you are playing.

5: NO AFK Machines, Lag machines, or Chunk loaders
-Afk machines are against the rules, and if caught you will be issued with a ban.
Why? On MineyCraftey we use a claim plugin based on in-game time, the more time you spend online, the more claim blocks you get to protect your land, it is unfair on one player who plays and works hard for their stuff to not be able to claim as much land because he cannot play often, where as another player just sits in an ask machine and claims a lot of land.
-Chunk Loaders: These are another form of AFK machine. They aim to keep the server chuck loaded that they are in, in hopes of maintaining a farm usually. These contribute to more server load which can affect players who might have a poorer internet connection.
-Lag Machines serve no purpose other than to disrupt other players playability. We are all here to have fun and making stuff like this can cause players with poorer connections to have a harder time playing.

6: Do not account share
Account sharing is against the rules, including staff, this is a zero tolerance, and if an issue arises where you had committed an offence, we will not accept that it was a family member, your account is your responsibility.

Rule 7: Advertising/Linking
Advertising on our server is simply not allowed. Other players don't want to see it and frankly it's just quite rude to broadcast your servers on our networks! This means don't spam our chats with links to Youtube, websites, other servers, streams, or anything that is a link that sends someone somewhere on the internet, even as a joke. If someone asks for a link, message it to them.

Rule 8: No Impersonating
No impersonating Staff members, Mojang employees, other YouTubers, or any other person in general. Doing so will get you immediately banned from MineyCraftey.

Rule 9: In relation to building
You may build what you want, where you want it (Providing it isn't profanic/irrelevant).
Also please give consideration for other people's builds, e.g don't build right on their doorstep because they don't have enough claim blocks to claim the surrounding area.
If you wish to build next to someone it would be polite to ask them first.

Rule 10: Respect all Staff
Please respect our staff members, if they ask you to stop doing something, it's probably for a reason, do not argue with them or aggravate them, if you think a staff member is abusing power please screenshot evidence and post a report on the forums under the correct section.

Any questions regarding rules which seem uncertain should be asked to a member of staff in-game or on the forums.

What to do if you find someone breaking the rules:
Take a screenshot! - the more the merrier!
Contact any member of staff, send the screenshots via skype or upload to the forums, and the rule breaker will be dealt with effectively.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy your stay here on MineyCraftey.
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