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my new house I'm building.... based off this pic

VneExceededVneExceeded Administrator, SpamBuster

thats the blue print of the one I'm building on the server ... some discrepancies may occur...


  • VneExceeded,

    What are you going to use to enable easy access of that altitude (I understand that you have unlimited /homes)? A complex redstone system I hope? =D

    If you need some help I'm always keen to try something new, especially if i can grab some of those rare prismarine lanterns that you possess!

    The kindest of regards,

  • you got an update on how this is going?
  • I have one. Not very well. He has been busy on other projects.
  • how do you post pics on this forum ? its a pretty poor forum for options and activity which is fine
  • VneExceededVneExceeded Administrator, SpamBuster
    Use an image hosting site and the add the link into the message
  • Vne That is awesome do the great work I love it
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