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G4ME_ON or MLIS_Grad

Hello MineyCrafty! My name is Angela and it has been a pleasure being a part of this server.

A little about myself - I work as a Librarian at a local Elementary school and I use gamification as a tool to enhance grade specific curriculum. One of those games being Minecraft. Most adults would be surprised to learn that Minecraft can be used within a classroom setting, but those individuals are very close minded. Minecraft is a very comprehensive and sometimes complicated game, especially when you are working backend on coding plugins. One area that I enjoy the most and sometimes love to hate.

I have owned many a server and I currently run a server that is dedicated to teaching my colleges how to use gamification within their own class.

Mineycrafty is a great server to relax on, free of trollers, abusers, and ill doers. If and when such individuals appear, they are dealt with swiftly by its mature and knowledgeable staff.

I look forward to seeing you on the server!


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