Please use the Discord Server Forums, as this Website is being edited. You can still use the shop, join the forums and brows staff appeals, posts etc, as every thing is till working, however it is not checked as much as discord and other means of contact.

Forums Being Updated

PyroRat18PyroRat18 Owner, SpamBuster
Hey all, the forum will be down possibly for a few days, we are adding it to the server hosting, MrNoScripts, is nicely helping us do this, as you know for a while i have been updating the forums, making it harder for people to spam etc, I will take this time while changing over to try and host your pictures in a gallery or something fun like that =) Sorry for the inconvenience, you can contact use on skype and discord. ~Love Pyro and the team


  • We hope the forum shouldn't be down for long! When the update happens it shouldn't be down for more than an hour.

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