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Amazing news for any up coming vids!(minecraftvinnyq)

Hay guys! I got great news!

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that means better roleplays, NPC's(?),And cooler effects!

I also want to use my channel to advertise Mineycrafty as well :D

(yes I am now your new god)


  • Yep! works with NPC's!

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  • I wanna collab with you :3
  • yes ya can!

    be on discord more often so we can chat!
  • PyroRat18PyroRat18 Owner, SpamBuster
    maybe we could do a skyblock together sometime for fun with a few players ? say were all from miney in the description
  • Yeah! that's why I got the *Sky factory mod pack* idea!

    you can make a private server and basically when you create the server, just have the mod pack(and a few extra mods if included in server)the BLAMO just do the ip and your in!

    (i did a forge server once, however it was too late when i was using mazooky as a test subject for the server since there was so many mods I wanted to put in I corrupted it with world generation and that kind of stuff :(

    AKA use mod packs for survivals XD
  • Think of a modded survival series!
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