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Homework is annoying...

Hello everyone (reading this) lately I have not been able to get on miney or mc as much as I used to, (during summer) because my mom has this silly rule (well it's not that funny...) that is called homework before mc but I basically don't have any homework, and she thinks I'm just not doing them (which could be true since my memory is bad.., but this isn't the situation... yay) and that I am behind in my school work... but obviously that doesn't stop me from playing mc (since I have no homework I be naughty go on my PC say I'm doing "homework" when I'm obviously playing... video games) ok lemme just get to the point. I will still play on weekends and on Fridays but like my mom says I have to do my homework and stay on track or I shall get kicked out of my program... which is bad since it's the IB, if you don't know what the IB is search international baccalaureate online to figure it out... and while I'm here why not say this REALLY EARLY I won't be here starting March Break for two weeks... more details about that coming in a long time lol..

Anyway byeeee I'm off to bed... I have school tomorrow


  • SchnakeSchnake Community Admin
    when you have no homework from school, why you dont let sign yout teacher you have no homework, so your mother can see its true what you say.
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